Create your first email campaign

Create email campaign

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Campaign Management —> Campaigns and click Create & send new campaign.
  2. Enter campaign name

Configuring the campaign content

For this we offer a very easy to use drag-n-drop interface with building blocks for your email. You already start with a default e-mail template for you to adjust but you are free to update to your every need.

Adding basic details for your campaign

Enter these details:

  1. Subject. Your subject line is your first impression on users. Come up with a simple, clever and eye-candy subject line.
  2. From name. Give a name that your recipients can recognize your email easily. The name could be your company or brand name.
  3. From email. Helps your recipients recognize you as the message sender.
  4. Reply to email. Enter an email address for the user’s directly reply to your email.
  5. Plain text.
  6. Query string. Optionally append a query string to all links in your email newsletter. A good use case is Google Analytics tracking.

Preview and test your email

Before you send email newsletters to your users, read it aloud to yourself several times, check for grammatical and style mistakes, test links to verify that they are redirected to the correct page. Then, send a test email to a few of your colleagues for review.

Selecting your email recipients

Sending your email campaign

You can send your campaign immediately or schedule at the date and time you set.

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