How to embed the fanbase group signup form in your website

It is very easy to embed a certain fanbase group signup form in your website via the provided HTML snippet.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the needed fanbase group:

Step 2. Open the subscribe form snippet:

Step 3. Copy the HTML snippet and put it on your website’s page:

You’re essentially done!

Adding custom fields to the signup form

If you have set up the custom fields for your fanbase group, you can manually add those fields to the signup form using the HTML inputs with the corresponding names:

<input type="text" name="customField1" />

You can customize the flow for the subscription: opt-in or double-opt-in, as  well as the emails sent for the confirmation and subscription:

Control the subscribe flow:

Contro the unsubscribe flow:

How do I use drag and drop editor for those emails?

Steps to use drag and drop email editor for those emails would be:

1. Create an email template with needed blocks:

2. Edit the template and copy its source code:

3. Paste the previously copied code to the source of the email:

reCAPTCHA protection

If you experience a lot of automated submissions, even having the double-opt-in enabled, you can use reCAPTCHA protection which will filter out the automated subscription form submissions:

After saving, you’ll need to re-embed the subscription form as the embed code will be different with the reCAPTCHA enabled.

You’ll also need to reach out to support with the website domain you’ll be embedding the subscription form to.

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