How to gather feedback after an event

Getting feedback is important because that’s the way you’ll make your next events better.

Watch now and discover how to gather feedback after an event:

There are some tips and tricks to effective gathering feedback:

  • Timing is important — Make sure that your first call to action happens within a week after the event while the experience is still fresh in their minds.

  • Asking for feedback via email is usually the best way to ask more questions and to get more comments about the event.

  • Use social media channels. The reason gathering feedback using social media is really simple – your users already talking about your event.

  • Don’t repeat yourself — Should not ask for other things that you already know about your users.

  • Be given an incentive — The role of an incentive is to get you more customer feedback survey responses. To motivate users to provide the feedback you need to be a little creative. Consider offering a relevant coupon or a prize, free tokens or VIP package to anyone that gives feedback.

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