Getting started 101

Once you log into your Hugo events for the first time you will be guided by the orange bars at the top of the screen.

Besides, there are a lot of things to check out on this page:

  1. Navigation — On the left side of the screen, this toolbar contains tabs for quick access to various features of Hugo Events:
    • Create beautiful Questionnaires;
    • See the results of your questionnaires in Results or Reports;
    • Connect your data to our system via our Data Management;
    • stunning email Campaigns with our fantastic drag-and-drop e-mail editor;
    • Look at your Fanbase or the different targeted Fanbase Groups you can divide them on the Fanbase Management page.
  2. Billing — opens up the subscription plan menu. Here, you can check the current plan or upgrade to a suitable subscription plan that matches your needs. You can change payment settings and look out for invoices.
  3. Hugo chat support — Have more questions? You can email or chat with us!
  4. Language — Choose your language.
  5. Hugo’s Changelog — Here you can check chronologically ordered updates for our project.
  6. View your Profile — Here you can view your profile information such as email address, user, and full name, and here you can change your password.
  7. Organization - Here you can manage the organization information and invite new members.

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