Types of question

We offer all the questiontypes you can think of in our questionnaires!

These are your options:

**Short text:**if you want a single line text answer (can be limited in characters)

**Long text:**If you want to give the respondent the possibility to give a longer (multi-line) answer (can be limited in characters)

Yes/No: if you need a straightforward Yes or No answer

Multiple choice the most popular multiple choice questions: add as many answer-options as you like and includes the ‘other’ option as well! Number of answers given can be set from 1 to all of them.

Dropdown: the dropdown list gives the respondent the option to choose a single answer from the list of answers

**Grouped questions:**gives you the possibility to group specific questions and therefor creating reading logic for the respondent

Date: if you are looking for a date (birthdate for example) from your respondents

E-mail: although we have an integrated Account system it is sometimes handy for you to request a specific email address. This includes validation on correctness of the email address

Rating: Rating questions allow you to ask your customers to rank anything you can think of

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